Sometimes it takes more than just being online to be successful. Having a Facebook page or a website is not enough to get people to notice you, so you have to show them how.  Online advertising is a great way to market your services to people.

Google Ads

Google advertising shows ads within online searches  and maps. You pay for the results you get, which would be clicks or calls made to your business.


Social Media Ads

Advertising on social media such as Facebook or Instagram is a very cost-effective way to market your services. Facebook’s ad platform allows many ways to target specific audiences, such as “people who live in Rosarito” or “people who vacation in Mexico.’

Facebook’s ads show up in people’s news feed so it’s a great way to reach people as so many are on Facebook every day.

Facebook Boosts

Facebook boosts are inexpensive ways to get followers to see your posts. Since Facebook throttles back how many of your followers see your posts, the Boost button is a great way to ensure everyone sees your post. This is a great way to promote events, menu items, etc.

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