What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is essentially a free profile for your business that lets you connect with customers across Google search queries and Google Maps. If you have ever Googled something and you see a business profile comes up on the right, that is a Google My Business listing.  The GMB listing allows you to post photos, offers, and information about your business, allowing people to easily find you.

How GMB Helps Your Business

  • It shows your phone number
  • It has your contact information and hours of operation
  • It show’s customer reviews of your business
  • It has photos and videos of your business
  • It has a link to your website

Do I Really Need a Listing?

Unless you come up in the first search results when someone types in your type of business in your area, you absolutely cannot survive without a Google My Business listing.  Not only that, but businesses are twice as likely to be considered reputable and legitimate if they have a GMB listing. It reduces the uncertainty about your business and encourages people to reach out to you.

Google accounts for almost 80% of search traffic, do you really want to ignore their recommendations for your online success?

A Case Study – Two Dentist in Rosarito

Check out these two listings for two dentists in the Rosarito area. The one on the left is actually my own dentist.

The dentist on the left shows no hours they are open, except Sunday, in which case it says they are open 24 hours. There is no website, no photos of the practice, just a Google maps photo the Google car took when it was driving by.

The dentist on the right has a complete profile, a website address, related products they sell and has 56 reviews.

Which one are you more likely to trust and visit?

How Can I Continue to Improve My Listing

When you finally get your GMB profile complete, you’re not done. You should be continuing to improve it with upcoming events, photos, and by all means, encourage people to leave you reviews of their experience as it will help bring in the next customer.

Let us help you get your digital profile in order today.